In this year Elvis and Vernon both had to spend time in hospital with their ill health's.

29th January

Elvis was admitted to the hospital at 12 midnight with very bad stomach pains and while he was there the Doctor's decided to get his drug use back in control.

5th February

Vernon (Elvis's Father) suffered a heart attack and ended up being admitted to the very same hospital as Elvis was a week before.

10th-13th March

Elvis recorded for RCA at Hollywood Studios.

18th March

The first of 29 shows was scheduled at The Las Vegas Hilton Hotel.

28th March

Barbara Streisand asked Elvis to take the Co Starring role in the remake of A Star is Born but Colonel decided to stop Elvis from making the film.


Elvis asked his body guards to look for a plane for him to travel in.  They found a 96 passenger Convair 880 plane which Elvis decided to decorate in the famous blue and white.  He then Christened it the ' Lisa Marie', it was delivered to Elvis on the 10th of November.


Elvis played many concerts around the United States Of America.

5th May

Elvis played concerts at a state fair coliseum in Jackson, Mississippi and the concert raises a magnificent $108,000 for the survivors of a hurricane in McComb,  Mississippi.


Elvis had surgery on his eyes to make him younger looking.  

23rd-24th July

At a concert in Asheville, North Carolina, Elvis generously gave an audience member a ring worth $6,500.

27th July

Elvis bought 14 Cadillac Eldorado's and he gave everyone of the 14 cars away.


Elvis remained in his poor health while Priscilla and Mike Stone split up.  Priscilla started an acting career.

18th August

Elvis is having to cancel many of his concerts at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel due to his poor health.

21st August

As an ongoing problem, Elvis was admitted to a hospital for 2 weeks to sort out all his health issues that he had. 

10th November

The Lisa Marie plane was finally delivered to Elvis for him to use to travel all around the united states and Hawaii.

28th November

Elvis flew to Las Vegas for rehearsals for his 17 shows at the Hilton in Las Vegas were Linda Thompson briefly accompanied him for support.